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Slip – Unfair lyrics

Black and White, red and blue, you knew I loved you, you were taken away
Before I could say what I needed to say, so many memories I wish we coulda
Had, it's too fuckin bad that this makes me so fuckin sad makes me so
Fuckin mad, but bad people do bad things, you may kill the body but you
Will never kill the soul.

It's Unfair, It's Despair, the tear in my heart, wish the pain wouldn't
Start, you're the part of me that I need, how can I succeed when all my
Demons stampede towards me, It's Unfair, It's Despair

Lunatics in the world, bad people do bad things, there's nothing you can
Do, but sit back and watch as evil puts another notch in it's belt and sends
My girl to heaven for no apparent reason the devils never ceasin, she's in
A better place though, no longer living in fear, my dear if you say
Anything just know that'll I'll hear, I was given eyes by god to see and
Now I truly believe in my darkest time that everything will be ok


Bawling my eyes out because I took you for granted, my view on this life is
Pretty slanted, stopped you from doing what Dan did, but I wasn't there for
You when you needed me, I never told you that you completed me, but I guess
We were cheated from being together, I never knew that shit would happen
Like this, killed by some fuckin assasin, but love is everlastin, even
Though when I'm grasping for it, it always slips away.


The pain has burrowed deep in my brain, like a plane smashin through the
World trade, I don't know if I'm sane, there's no reason to explain, no
Way to regain what I've lost, my future, tossed into the air like who would
Care, and I swear when I swore that I'm swearin that I love you I wasn't
Kidding, right now I'm slipping I'm kicking I'm tripping and I'm gritting
My teeth, eyes screaming in disbelief, my heart floatin away like a leaf,
Life is cheap, it's a steep mountain, there is no fountain of youth,
There's no god damn proof.

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