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Sleeping With Sirens – In Case Of Emergency, Dial 411 lyrics

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    "4-1-1 is a telephone number in the United States and Canada. 411 is called to get help or information on something, for example what the address of a building is, or the telephone number of a company."

    I don't know what to think about this? the telephone number of a company? Is this Kellin telling us to call him when we're about to commit suicide, so he can save us? WHAT?
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    There are a lot of ways to interpret this song but I'm gonna talk about 3 of them.

    The first way is how I interpret it.
    This song is very special to me, because I go through a lot of shit in my life and to me the song is written for people like me. It reminds me every time that no matter what happens, their music will always be there and I always can rely on them when I feel like giving up.

    The second way is the song itself.
    It's about Kellin falling in love with a suicidal girls and he wants to save her. This is Obvious.

    The last way is in a religious way.
    I am not religious, but a lot of people see it in this way. It's about God and how He is always there for everyone. You can always trust and count on Him. He's never going to let you down.

    This song is personal. There is no correct meaning and I think that was on purpose.
    Maybe the writer is trying to tell us that music comes from the heart. It's art. It's supposed to make you feel something. You need to take time and find your own personal meaning. It's briljant!
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