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SkyBlew – The Quest For Dreams lyrics

It's a, long journey ahead of me
Alone, wishing I could double you like the letter v,
I rather be with dreams, this world wanna edit me
Cuz i'm speaking the truth, but it's cool I let it be.
I just wanna go and fly away sometimes
With the sand in my hand, most wasting time.
And I pray sometimes, that my dreams was here,
But you gotta go and get it and the things we fear,
Are the thoughts of failure & can't forget barricades,
Life is a song, sing along when she serenades.
I made my mind up, i'm going on a quest,
Destiny, you gonna get to know me in the flesh.

We got so far to go but, i'm prepared and
I know I know I know that, you'll be there, my
Dreams are forever, soon we'll be together,
No matter the weather, I will find you.
No matter the risks, no, no matter the stakes,
I'ma search for you, I don't care what it takes
Without you in my life, that would be a mistake and,
I know I know I know that, I will find you.
I'm on my way now, long quest ahead of me i'm on my way now

What are my dreams you ask, well
What you can't tell?
I wanna travel the world, explore every hour
Share my voice to the earth with love and power
Shower in the fountain of youth
Let em know that lies never can amount to the truth.
Battle enemies aka emcees,
Standing in my way travel over land and seas
Until my knees give out, that's when i'll rest in peace
But as long as i'm alive, i'm blessed with peace.
I fought the beast made him release his spell.
And f I fall never can say that I fell,
Because I kept going no matter the circumstance.
Looking far ahead really doesn't hurt to glance.
Planning to dance under the moonlight
Destiny you looking so beautiful tonight, I was right you was worth the wait

I'll climb every mountain, I'll
Tread over any seas, and I'll
Soar through the skies and
All I need is you here with me.
I'll climb every mountain, I'll
Tread over any seas, and I'll
Soar through the skies and
All I need is you here with me.

If time stands still
It's cool cuz the trouble and pain I can't feel.
Spilling my heart out on every page and
Every stage, broke outta the cage
Just to get to you. My dream come true.
Cliche' you say? If you only knew, If only you knew

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