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Shontelle – Impossible lyrics

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Submitted bylittlemissrian
Corrected byMikato


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    This was played the day that my fiance declaired his love for someone else, he had been seeing for three years while we were together. This song means everything to me as it speaks the truth, to me it means something you once had you never thought would end so horribly that you always that it was going to last but in a humiliating way came to an end very quickly and ruined the way you live. That's what I feel it means anyway.
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  • u
    The song talks about a boy and a girl that were in a relationship. She was so in love with him and the guy cheated on her with other women. This completely damaged their relationship because he took advantage of her naiveness, love and trust. "You have gone and so effortlessly" "You have won" this is referring to the fact that he broke her heart so easily, by cheating on her with multiple women. "Tell THEM all I know now" is her wanting the other women to know because if her relationship with him meant nothing, than neither will his other ones. She thought since their love and words were so strong that automatically faith would be attached into that package, when evidently that wasn't the case. She thought everything they needed in their relationship was there, and it wasn't. There was no loyalty involved, one of the key qualities in successful relationship.
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  • k
    This song is about how her boyfriend or husband cheated on her and always fought with her every single day about the littlest things ever. So she decided to break it off with him. And at the last minute, she wrote a note saying she loves him and all and she cried and died inside. Half of her heart was torn off. She loved him so much she couldn't break it off face to face with him instead she wrote a note saying goodbye and all and, while he was asleep, she kissed him on his forehead as a sign of goodbye. She was mad at him for fighting with her. In her mind she is saying, if we never fought this wouldn't have happen and we would've lived happily ever after, have kids, get married, see our kids get older and develop things, go to their graduations, and die old together in each other arms. So yeah that is what its about. Thanks for reading guys.
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