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Selena Gomez

Who Says lyrics

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Selena Gomez – Who Says lyrics

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  • j
    Actually "cici-music-lover", this is "Who Says" by Selena Gomez. I think you're talking about someone else. Anyways, I love this song. It's about not letting someone tell you who you are not. Plus people can make you not "self-confident" and make you feel down in the dumps. Well, that ain't true. Life may be hard but you gotta survive 'cause life is not perfect but don't give up on anything you've worked so hard for. I go to high school and it's hard but I still get through the day 'cause I say to myself, "I will make it through the day!" instead of being a pessimistic and sayin', "Oh this day sucks, I'll never get through it!" because that ain't good, that's bad talkin'.
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  • m
    This song is not to push others around. Not to bully people. No one is perfect. Everyone has their own beauty inside. It teaches you to say who says that you are perfect. Everybody is pretty. Do not make fun of people. Like for people that have diseases or a sin drum. You can sometimes learn something from them. Everyone is bad at something it could be reading writing mathematics speaking another language. It is hard 2 do the things you are bad at. Selena teaches you that who are you to say you are perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Nobody is perfect.
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  • m
    This song is about no one is perfect but you can be perfect in your own way, and to be yourself and don't let anyone bring you down. It also talks about following your dreams and just doing your best through everything. She is saying to have a good self-image. This song is very meaningful and I love it but I'm not that big of a Selena Gomez fan though :).
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  • bubblegum095
    I love this song its all about that you should just be you no matter what or no matter who your with and everyone knows selena gomez wrote this song after she was with justin. This song makes sence because its true and has a meaning in it. I compare this song to lots of people who just care about beauty, shoes, clothes, makeup, and that junk. I also compare it to all those girls out there who want to impress a guy by makeup and stuff. Just feel like your with your normal self when your with a guy you like: D be yourself if you and him have so much in common then be your self and shine!
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  • bubblegum095
    This song means allot. Allot of girls daydream, your with your crush dancing he is your prince and your his princess everday you see him in your dreams and you always think about him. Until one day he ask's the hottest girl out! Your wearing glasses and she is wearing sun glasses. You are wearing no makeup and she is wearing allot of makeup. She has straight eye lashes that are the longest ones you ever seen but yours are the worst. She wears dresses or the cutest cloth's ever but you just wear skinny jeans with a shirt. Girls! You have to suffer to get what you want and its your life and your choice and its not always about beauty. You have to have a heart break for good things could come back to you and you have to suffer. : D
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