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Selena Gomez – Love You Like A Love Song lyrics

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    I love sel like a love song as a fan always love her but still 'm not a fan of anyone I don't know why. I will also be a singer and one day there will be my name and the song I sang lyrics so please support me and give me strength to sing in front of everyone please comment and tell me why and give me lots of hope.
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    It sounds to me like whoever wrote it just slapped a bunch of words generally related to love together into a rhyming mess, without real attention or focus. "i am hypnotized by your destiny" doesn't make sense. Really? She's hypnotized by his *destiny*? "and i guess right now here's another oneso your melody will play on and onwith the best of them"so *your melody* will play on and on *with the best of them*. Selena (or whoever the writer is) seems to be struggling to come up with lyrics that have.
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    Selena me and my bfffl love you don't listen to those haters out there cause unlike them you can sing and you have the guts to sing in front of everyone my other bfffl she is such a good sing and she is to scared to sing in front of alot of people so keep goin the way ur going and not only do you have a great voice you have a great boyfriend sooo live life happily babe peace love and hope oo nd btw I want to be an actress and I saw ya auditon to get into wizards of wavely place and I loved it so one day I hope I can just be like you won day luvvv ya selena.
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    I love you selena and this song reminds me of him; "no one comares to u alone" added a part. I love him lots and he too. I miss him and I love all da moments I had with him I will never 4get them. Cuz no one iz lk hm. This iz my love song to him. Thanx :) girl you are my # 1 you are da best person on disney and you got best voise ever! Someday I wanna c you in a concert and you sing that song. I love you alwayz and forever girl :)
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  • k
    Selena gomez is so amazing I watched her in barney too. But really. Justin beaver. Come on selena you can do better. Not because I like him but he sings worse than a monkey on crack. His songs are good but that is really it. But all selenas song are good she is the best singer on disney. If they do to her what they did to demi livato I'm never watching that channel again.
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