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Sega Sound Studio – Sonic Underground Theme Song lyrics

Triplets born
The throne awaits
A seer warns
Of a deadly fate
Give up your children
Bide your time
Lie in wait

Sonic Underground
Sonic Underground
They made a vow
Their mother will be found

The children grow

Learn what's right
Leaders of the freedom fight
They seek their mother
She knows they do
Is it time?
If she only knew
Will the prophecy come true?

Sonic Underground
Sonic Underground

[Queen Aleena]
"I long for my children
But I have to wait
To act too soon could seal their fate"

They made a vow
Their mother will be found
Sonic Underground!

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Submitted bySonicgogirl
Corrected bymelody_mular


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    I really think the core of this song is longing. I truely believe that it really could be one of the most tragic yet inspiring pieces that I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. You can absolutely feel the warm, protective, love of Queen Aleena, one of the hottest moms of all time. Sometimes I can't help the tears that prick my eyes when rewatch "Sonic Underground".
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    This song has an aura of possibilities that have gone unexplored. It makes me sad to read/hear this because of the fact that the show has sooo much potential that has gone to waste. I wish that someone would decide to continue where the creators of this anime left off since it has so much untapped potential.
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    I have longed to see this since I was 8, but it's so hard to find! I love this song so much! Sonic & his siblings are so cute but cool at the same time! Oh, I've always wanted to know what happens. Maybe I'll find it soon! I hope many others find this amazing series!
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