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Secondhand Serenade – Goodbye lyrics

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  • s
    This song reminds me of one time; I caught my girlfriend cheating(Yes, I am bisexual). But anyways - I caught her cheating, and I didnt' want to say anything, I was just hoping it was the wrong person, or it was all a lie - but I knew it wasn't. I knew the only way to get it out of my mind, was to say goodbye to her; but it didn't work. She still gets to me whenever I think about it.
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  • t
    Him. Its just the way I miss everything, the way things you thought would be, are not, what can I do, I look back on what I had and I must say goodbye, its not for me, or maybe it is, its just so hard. I love him he loves me, but theres just something between us that just doesn't click. He stares I stare, nerves are way up there, what to do, follow my heart or my head, I would follow my heart if I could, but I can't, I'm with him now, could never dissapoint him, although I have feeling for that other him that has benn left in the past. Goodbye!
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  • u
    He is saying goodbye to someone he doessnt want to because he thinks in the end its better like that.
    Because they get hurt when they are together.
    But he doesn't want to let go and it just seems so hard for him even though all he has to do is say goodbye.
    At the end I think he is asking them to tell him theres no need for goodbye and to take that burden from him.
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  • f
    I muz say goodbye. I'm still alive derz juz a big part of me datz gone. You thought me how to love. How to cry. How to get hurt. Peo may isang bagay kah nah tinuro nah di qh matutunan. Un ung iwanan kah at magmahal ng iba. Itz hard to pretend dat ur happy wen ur sad. Itz hard to smile wen ur happiness has left you. But ill still try to smile. Dhil sv moh u'll smile kapag magssmile aqh.^_^. I love you so much. I promiz to smile kahit nah wala kah nah. Ingatz kah poh lage ha. Mahal nah mahal kita. Goodbye poh. Mwah!. Ill miss you!. T. T.^_^.
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  • _
    Yea ryt homies. Its over. =[ I think it was goodbye. And it rily fuckin hurt me soo much. Coz aii had love him soo muchh. More dan anything and he juz did dat juz one click and aii was lost in his life. And aii dun know how to start agen my life wiff out him. =[ hope it wasnt rily dat goodbye as in he doesn't like me in his life. =[ ai was shock wen he sed goodbye. Its over. And let me be free. Awch. =[[
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