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Secondhand Serenade – Fall For You lyrics

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Submitted byZachAttack
Corrected byDoodaly1995

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  • x
    I think this song is about two people who fought and broke up, then they met one day and it was love all over again. This song means alot to me because everytime I hear it I think of that one person, and no one else.
    So breathe in so deep, breathe me in, I'm yours to keep. And hold on to your word cause talk is cheap. And remeber me tonight when your asleep.
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  • l
    The real meaning of this song is that he n his girl have been having problems n have bn fighting. The girl is rly hurt. The boy acts like hes strong. Now he owns up to his weakness. Now he wants to 4get all this n go back to the way it used to be. Happy n loving. N he wants to have her no matter what cz he rly loves her. N hes indirectly sayin he's sorry. Also hes sayn that once you fall in love with someone its impossible to find someone like that again.
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  • TCsongwriter
    Of course another great song about love. When you come and see it you really get to know the meaning of everything. And like this song "fall for you". It really ants to make you think about if you have choose the right one and if you have loved them from the start.?
    These are quetsions that repeat in my head when I listen to this song. Its really good and I hope once you figure out the lyrics and what they mean. Love will come and struck you not by your smile but by your heart. And love someone as much as you would to god.
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  • v
    A song about a boy who fell in love with a girl, and the girl tried so hard to love him back. But things always got in the way,. And everytime things started to have hope, something happens and they lose eachother again. Annd they were made for eachother but for some reason things never work out.
    This song was our song. And every bit of it holds true. I love you forever and always. But I think that this time I've lost you forever.
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  • t
    This song is about having to be able to sacrifice and to give things some thought this song is telling that the boy is willing to forget about the past and is willing to start anew if the girl will do too or if the girl is still willing to give their relationship another chance the boy is a picture of a perfect lover someone who is willing to forgive and forget. I want a guy like that.
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