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Seance – Forever Haunted lyrics

That's the last nail in your coffin
This time you'll never break free
Chains and ropes surrounds you
Why can't you leave me be
Buried in the deepest grave
Under tons of stones and concrete
You will become free from my mind

That same night I felt your stare
I heard your voice whisper
Beware I better prepare
The curse still lives it is not dead
Yes something is behind me
Something I can't see but I can feel
Twisting shadows of the dead

Cursed doomed condemned
To be forever haunted

I dragged you inside and tied you up
Everytime I see through your disguise
Please die when I set you on fire
Crematoria, filled with euphoria
But something is behind me
Something I can't see but I can feel
Resurrection of the dead

Uncontrolled rage
Slash stab
This will certainly bring you home
You tried to run tried to hide
I sliced you open

Rip tear
Hacking chopping you in half
Maiming haste
Death embraced
Smash you to dust

Die it's you again
Why I'll kill you again

To no prevail you are here again
Now you are everywhere
I've killed you once I've killed you twice
And now I will kill you again
But something is behind me
Something I can't see but I can feel
Recollection of the dead

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