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Se7en – If I Happen To See You Again lyrics

Woo yun hee nuhl bwah doh da ga ga ji ahn eul kkae
Ee jae na da shi neun nuh ae gyuh tae ubt sseul kkae
Nuh wah hae uh ji myun
Ah peum eul gyuh di gi him deul duh doh
Na hon ja suh jal cham ah nel kkae

Mae eel gat deun ah chim doh jo geum dal la ji gaet ji
Na noon eul ddeu myun nuh neun ubt gaet ji
Mae eel gat dun haru doh jo geum uh sek ha gaet ji
Na nuh wah ham kkae hal soo ubt sseul tae ni

*Shi gan sok ae mo dyuh ji neun na ae ah peun ee byul doh
Da shi sarang hal soo eet seul man keum nat suhl uh juh suh
Ah moo doh moh leu gae gan jik hal soo eet seul guht ga ta
Oh lae jun nae sa jin deul doh nal hyang han miso doh

Dashi nuhl man na myun geu juh pyun han chingu loh
Gi euk ae nam ah suh go mab da neun in sa loh
Nuh leul dol ah suh neun guhl eum eun
Moo guh woh ji gaet ji man
Na hon ja suh jal cham ah nel kkae

Mae eel gat dun ah chim doh ee jen pyun ahn hae juht ssuh
Nae ma eum sok ae dam gyuh eet sseu ni
Mae eel gat dun haru doh ee jen eek sook hae juht ssuh
Na nuh wah ham kkae hal soo eet sseu ni kka

Repeat *

Nae gae yae jun chuh lum dol ah oh gi ga
Him deul da neun mal eun ha gaet ji man
Jae bal ee dae loh man muh mool luh jwoh
Ji geum chuh lum nae mam sok ae ee dae loh

Dol ah bo myun eet sseul guh lan na ae him deun mi lyun doh
Gi euk hal soo jo cha ubt sseul man keun ji woh ji gaet ji
Ha ji man nan shweeb gae eet chuh ji ji ahn eul guht ga ta
Nuh leul bo nael joon bi han juk ubt ssuh ssuh han bun doh

Even if I see you accidently, I won't go to you
I won't ever be by your side ever again
Even if it is hard to take the pain of separation
I'll handle it by myself

Every morning that used to be the same, will change
When I open my eyes you won't be there
Everyday that used to be the same, will be a bit awkward
Because I won't be able to be with you anymore

*The painful separation that is buried under time
And loving you again will be a bit strange
I think I can keep it without anyone knowing,
The pictures from long ago
And your smile towards me

If I can meet you again I'll greet you as a comfortable friend
I'll greet you thanking you for remaining in my memory
My walk will probably be heavy, walking away from you
I'll handle it by myself

Every morning that used to be the same, got comfortable now
I kept it in my heart
Everyday that used to be the same, I got used to it
Because I can be with you

Repeat *

You would say that it would be hard
To return to the past
But please just stay a little longer like this
Just like now, in my heart right here...
I never got ready to let you go
Not even once...

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