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Scythe – Denied lyrics

You fill the sky with your breath tonight
Though your chemical brain is still sleepy
Life rests in your pocket,
Don't think stains on the mirror deceive me
Sometimes I forget who you were
When you tell me your heartbeat is silence
You stare at me with your empty eye
And I can't find a line left in your hand

Years just slip away when I look out in your face
Did you look my way when I reached out for your gaze?

You light your life to ashes
That will never know Phoenix again
Thoroughly draw your life lines
- it's the ghost in the mirror you ban
A nosebleed, are you thirsty?
Feel the heat dry the blood of your pain
Supersonic cyberlove, but your friends do not enter your den

Old lies grin my way and you drift through your fantasy
Chalk revives your face when you cancel your legacy
Headaches float your days that will tell for your destiny
Did you look my way when I reached for your self-esteem?

Proud we see low life leak now. Castaway left to devour
Ask for E to hit the crowd. Drown in dreams ever so loud

And you smirk at your denial. And you pray for suicide.
Smile your death, cut your breath tight.
Hold your head out into night

Long before the truth might drown your pillows
She sneaks into your headaches through your closed eyes
Forgotten and bored, your hearbeats left your life
Shivering as the northwinds through the night

Write it on your bedroom walls: Loving launches lies
All your plans piled broken on the unwiped floor
Your memories fainted in your veins, all those years you died
All your kisses showing you the door

Keep them small, those changes at your doorstep
You can't deny what you came for
Breathe in deeply the nothingness your smile adores
But you can't deny what you came for

I won't stay and watch you suck your own blood out
A vampire that can't taste the juice of life
Wave goodbye to all those moving on
We'll think of you as someone almost remembered

See your friends give in
Sold for thoughts too thin
Laughter makes you fly
Laughter built of cries

I won't stay and help you blind your own eyes
Ashen in their caves like burnt-out fires
Wave goodbye to all those moving past your grave
We'll think of you as someone left behind
Keep them small, the changes at your doorstep
But I can't deny what you came for
Breathe in deeply the nothingness you're craving for
But I can't deny what you came for
You can't deny what you came for

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