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Scrilla Vic – High Tech Representer lyrics

Jeezy didn't work for NASA, but the V did
For a couple summers in the VMS building
Vertical Motion Simulator participant
The Silicon Hustler's intro to the discipline
With a swagger so fly
I been around the world and Aye, Yay, Yay
Used intelligence to make it, not break it
Yes, Sir. That's why the V is never fakin'.
On the West Coast, it's the Apple of my eye
Make a lady's life so secure like Verisign
Among the Eucalyptus, I've been around the Cypress
Semiconductors give me energy to write this
From the tried & true, I'm strategically aligned
Check me up on stage – my Materials Applied
From Flextronics to Arrow Electronics
I'm a verbal vet from my ventures into Hi Tech

In any industry the V utilizes knowledge
So there's never any Gaps in my thought process
Intertwine logic like LSI
With jargon like this, you can tell that it's I
The V. In the day, big man on campus
Sr F/A. Just a matter of Symantecs
Dynamic-ally manipulate words like Photons
Any kind of beat, I'm down to drop a fly flow on
From here to Frisco, finish off some Cisco's
And watch out fo' the po-po in vehicles that sit low
Never got the Intel from an Oracle
But even Ellison can't touch this individual
In Biosystems, I'm Applied like DNA
You can see I'm Intuit, surfin' Openwaves
I can network like Omidyar at Ebay
Or KJ at Juniper right up to present day

Take me away cuz I need an escape
Like Nell Carter so just gimme a break
I'm Positive K, they got me workin' on the Nightshift
Trade it for a puff-puff on a nice spliff
To the left - S W E E T
Then to the right - H I P H O P
The V is in Caps so I put it on lock
100 words per minute as the clock tick tocks
Check one-two, the V be mike testin'
All up in the scene I get returns on my investments
And monitor 'em closely so I never lose
What your boy's accrued cuz I'm done payin' dues
Starin' at the keys I get play like a piano
Soprano in my own right – trophies on the mantle
A S D F – J K L;
Control-Alt-Delete – Shut Down and I'm rollin' to the next gig

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