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Artist: Scarface f/ Devin the Dude, Tela

Raggedy-a** b*****s
That b***h ain't no good

[ verse 1: Scarface ]
Look at your face all frowned up
The only thing you got goin for ya is your fake t*** and round butt
You're a rich nigga's worst mistake
You're just a trophy, and what make matters worse you're fake
A mall broad tryin to keep up with the Joneses
Whatever they wear in the videos, you want it
You tryin to find the n***a with the biggest contract
To get you pregnant, so you can ride around and get fat
And collect big money, with the baby all sharing
Got a 18-year career from child bearing
And only God knows what this kid'll go through
Got mixed feelings about his dad cause of you
The dollar signs popped up, that's what did it
And dude, he was just as f****d up cause he hit it
And now you out there buyin champagne for the club
To me that's kinda f****d up

[ chorus: Devin ]
Only your mother could love you
Much too freaky, you're easy
And I wouldn't would f**k you
I ain't never had to pay for mine
Only your mother could love you
Much too sneaky, you're freaky
And I wouldn't would f**k you
I wouldn't give a broke b***h a dime

[ verse 2: Devin ]
You used to turn up your funky-a** nose before I even stepped up
I guess fuckin with me just wouldn't keep your rep up
I used to think about you when I'd go sleep, even dream
Of fuckin you without a rubber, fillin your p***y with cream
But when I wake and see you again, it be the same old s**t
I finally realized you just a plain old b***h
Started gettin my s**t tight rockin shows every night
Gettin my d**k sucked, fuckin hoes left and right
Workin hard to blow up, now you wanna show up
With your stretch mark titties and p***y lips all towed up
I heard you got married, that was it you thought
Until he kicked your a** and took back all the s**t that he bought
Now you're lookin for a shoulder to lean on
B***h, I sho' hate it, cause my s**t is this-located
You was the only one I was thinkin of
But now you got a face only your mother could love

[ chorus ]

Break it down

[ Devin ]
I can't do nothin for ya
Only your mother could love ya
I can't do nothin for ya

Aight, check this out

[ verse 3: Tela ]
Look, Young Tela a pimp by force, not a pimp by choice
See, these b*****s ain't playin when it come to the courts
They'll fold you like some foil when it comes to support
And you n****s out here trickin like nature takes it's course
I'ma spit it till you're fitted, it's your main employ
See, I was trained and I was taught that a pimp keeps a choice
But you lames gotta change when you gave the w***e a port'
One weekend at the Allstar and the b***h bought a Porsche?
I ain't mad, girl, flip em, you can get em, look we did it
Cause his mind was all twisted off the aether from the clinic
Now hit it, oh lawdy, look at shawty
Mission hit your boy for a four and a forty
Miss done get your Ford for a house - "Help me homie"
See, I can give a f**k about your loss cause you're phoney
You'se a lame and she seen it in your heart from the start
Why she ripped yo a** apart? It was lying in her cards
But eh, she'll only come up with another, I don't trust her
But she got one hell of a hustle
You black-hearted b***h, you are full of lies
So like go on and suck Young Tela and die

[ chorus ]

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