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Rozzi Crane – Crazy Ass Bitch lyrics

Yeah, he’s got such a pretty face
He’s been calling me for days
I’ll give him a try
Student body, best in class, got me foolish for that ass
Yeah, He’s one of a kind
First date said “I love you,” second date met his mother
Now his leaving all his shit in my place
He’s been looking through my phone, breaking in when no one’s home
Zero to sixty this boy’s going crazy
Now now you’re out of control now baby
I know you’re not in love but I can’t get enough
Cause when you go down baby, yes I know now baby
Gotta have a glass of hitch with this crazy ass bitch
He’s a crazy ass bitch
He’s picking fights outside the bar
Slashing the tires in my car, what the hell is the deal?
But if we get into a fight, he just turns out all the lights
Then he’s got me for real
Third date kept it cool, fourth date act a fool
He’s a feisty motherfucker for sure
Goddamn just relax, if you wanna make it last
Zero to sixty this boy’s going crazy
Fuck that, you fucked up, a fatal attraction, good luck
The way that I’m reacting to your love
Cupid shot twice, you can’t duck
Stupid is what stupid does huh
You probably thinkin’ I’m tweaking off on a drug huh
You probably thinkin’ I’m creeping up on your work place
Tweeterin’ when you in the club huh?
Straight like that though
Rain on your parade in Seattle
And your mom complain that I’m an asshole
I’m tryna’ put it in your unh (X3)
My little tadpoles
Swim, swim, good, left, stroke, right, stroke
I wish we could elope and remote to Rio
Rewrote my vows, I shall devote
Everything I lose and then gain
All I need is your attention
All I need is your now I would go to war
If them papers said to restrain
Hold up
Lookin’ in your window trying to see what I could find
I don’t really ask for much all I want is your time
Everything I lose and then gain
All I need is your attention
All I need is your, now I would go to war
If them paper said to restrain
Strain (4x)
Hold up

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