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Royksopp – Sordid Affair lyrics

There was a time dark and divine
Exciting and new, shameful untrue
Free to explore, we had it all
Towering trust, insatiable lust

Clouding the truth both of us knew
This sordid affair is ending in tears
Yes we must go on knowing the wrong
Hunting the day it was taken away

Oh, all our love fell down to earth
Here, broken and cold, with great remorse

Before a while it all made sense
It might have been just a dark presence
But you had me and I left

To be with you, to be the one
To live a lie, it really got me excited
I felt wanted

Then in the dark a sorrowing sigh
Was taken away, deliverance came
Fell from the sky, heaven replied
Salvation in strings, silent and clean

All that we were, all that we knew
Faded away with tears in the rain
Yes all that we were, all that we knew
Is fading away like tears in the rain

All that we were, all that we knee
Fading away
All that we were, all that we knee
Fading away

All that we were, all that we knee
Fading away
All that we were, all that we knee
Fading away

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    Yeah, I don't agree with the above interpretation at all. If their "affair" turned to a true, real relationship, why would he say that their affair is "ending in tears"? And also say that they "must go on, knowing the wrong"? And that it was "taken away"? And that they both have remorse? Yeah, no. Not a happy love story. He himself said it was lust - though love and lust are hard to distinguish at times - it seems to me that he acknowledges this relationship was wrong, but so thrilling, fun, exciting, passionate, new, and overwhelming that he didn't know how to get out of it. He knew they were living a lie, clouding the truth, etc. With their relationship, but it didn't matter. He continued on. I mean, you can know something is wrong, but when the "good" it provides you seems to outweigh the "bad", it feels nearly impossible to leave. When someone takes over your mind and heart in that way, you tell yourself all sorts of justifications as to why it can continue, and sometimes, that includes just not talking about the reality of the sitution. Which, to me, is that either one or both of them in already in a committed relationship. Hence, the title, "sordid affair". "Sordid" means shameful, dishonorable, and essentially, inappropriate. Think about it. All the lyrics makes so much sense in this context. Therefore, the reality is that they can't ever truly be together, but that's almost what makes their "love" (affair) so thrilling: "to live a lie; it really got me all excited. I felt wanted." So blunt. There it is.
    But, finally, something happened - and it's very vague as to what that was - and they could no longer continue in their lie of a relationship. Whether that means to themselves or denying to friends and family what the reality of their relationship was, how it was indeed physical/emotional. Or they just drifted apart. Either way, somehow, they felt "delivered" from their affair, finally, and were able to let go - but not without tears: I believe, of both regret (for what they had done) and loss (of the friendship).

    And unfortunately, I know this from experience. I have never, ever heard a song that describes this type of relationship so accurately. It's eerie. I wish I didn't understand this song so deeply, but, I do.
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    It's about having an affair with someone totally new who makes you feel wanted, love, there's passion, excitement, something totally new! But then you have to face reality knowing that what your doing is wrong because your with someone for 7 years who's going to get hurt when he fines out. No matter who you choose someone will get hurt in the end weather its your man for many year or the new guy.
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    This song seems to be about a one-night stand in which he was more heavily invested. He hints at the allure of a new beginning, of promises of being "the one, to live a lie [...] to feel wanted." At some point, he realizes that there isn't going to be anything more than sex, just "dark pretense." And thus begins the cycle of "broken remorse", a sordid affair.
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    I think this is about a forbidden relationship as mentioned above, but the end got me puzzled as well. They are talking about deliverance that fell from the sky. Maybe his own wife got a newborn which made him realise his family is more important than anything. Still confused and sad about the fact that the affair has to end for this, he feels relieved. Hence the salvation.
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    I agree with last comment although lyrics can be interpreted by each individual person to speak to their own heart which is what music is all about. To me these lyrics tell the sad story of two people who are both in relationships they have no reason to leave other than the fact they have selfishly fallen in love with each other. They have connected in a way that makes them feel wanted and good about themselves. They feel whole and like any new relationship the lust factor is high. Their souls love each other and they both know they cannot have anymore than the sordid affair they are in. They both know it will end and it's going to be brutal to their hearts but they continue on ignoring the inevitable because they love the feeling of having each other.
    When it talks about "until the day it was taken away" I believe their affair was found out and they were forced to never speak to each other again.
    Sad. I wonder if he justified it as lust and nothing more to heal his heart. I wonder if she is still completely torn up over it. One can only assume.
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