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Rollins Band – Hold On lyrics

It's amazing
What you can get used to
With your foot
Nailed to the floor
And it's amazing
The thoughts
That go through your mind
When she walks
Out the door
And leaves you
Love that you're waiting for
Hoped for
Through days of cold
When it came your way you thought somehow you've been blessed
And for a while there you thought
Finally I'm alive
And it will never die cause it's so strong
And now you see
How you sit on your own
That you were wrong
You were wrong
You were wrong
You were wrong
And here comes the night
So heavy on your shore
In an hour
That used to pass by so fast
Now drags you down and holds you at the bottom
And the ocean
The ocean of tears you've cried
Drowns you as you stare at the ceiling in the dark
And you wish
For one moment
You can think
Of something else
Anything else
Anything else at all
And no matter
How hard you try
Everything leads back to one thing
And all the times you thought you can do without
Now you see
You were wrong
When you thought you were strong
You were wrong
When you thought you were strong
So wrong


And even tough it seems
That all the happiness you once knew
Was fleeting and gone forever
It's a door that's closed
A voice you never hear again
And now you can look forward to a life that's cold
You feel at the bottom
But I swear one day you arise right back up to the top
You must hold on
Hold on
Hold on
Through cold nights
Long nights
So sad
So heavy
You feel
So forgotten
And until the day comes
When true love finds you
And it will
You must hold on
You must hold on
You must hold on
Like I'm holding on
I swear
I never thought I have to sing this song
But now
I don't know
I know
Hold on
Hold on
Hold on
You've got to hold on
Hold on
Hold on
Hold on

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