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Rodney O & Joe Cooley – California Cruiser lyrics

(nice and easy)

It's a California Cruiser

(nice and easy)


(nice and easy)

It's a California Cruiser

(nice and easy)


(Rodney O)


This is a California Cruiser

Givin you somethin that you're not used ta

I won't talk about a girl 'cause that's played out

I wanna give you somethin to talk about

So I said we got to make a cut that's mellow

Called up Joe on the phone he answered 'hello? '

Hey loc, we need somethin hard but smoothed out

You got that Joe? -and he said: 'without a doubt! '

Scoop you up in a hour, later bro'

Have the track on a tape but you don't hear me tho'

You've been fiendin for a jam like this one

Rodney O and Joe got the cut that's goin on

Fill up the tank, it's time to cruise the Boulevard

You're checkin out the paint jobs on peoples' cars

It ain't like it used to be 4 years ago

It seems everyone's rollin all the 'renzos

(Joe Cooley)

Straight cruisin

Don't front, we know you like to do it

Spent about eight G's or more to try to rule it

Everybody can't wait for the weekends

Fresh hair cuts, now they out there frontin

Straight to the car wash on Crenshaw

At the 5 o' clock, it's nuthin but a Mardi Gras

Fellas out there clownin on the hoochies

Tryin to set it up so they can get the coochie

They use they funky fresh car that try to help 'em out

In '92 man, yeah you gotta have clout

Women try to play hard on the Okie-doke

You're not fly, they not rollin down the windows

It ain't a thang man, mob to the next set

Hit the freeway, y'all is kinda jet

Sit back and put the car on cruise control

Turn up the volume so you can hear the music flow

(nice and easy)

It's a California Cruiser

(nice and easy)


(nice and easy)

It's a California Cruiser

(nice and easy)


(Rodney O)

Cali Cruiser is a song that we had to make

No singing on the track 'cause that would be fake

Who ever said that our rap can't be smooth as Silk

Who ever did needs to have they cap peeled

Rodney O and Joe Cooley with a smooth cut

Roll down the windows, there's no need to have 'em up

I'm gonna pass it on to my boy Joe Cooley

Go ahead and show 'em how cool you can be

(Joe Cooley)


Somethin mellow you can chill to

Cruisin thru the neighbourhood with nuthin else to do

It don't matter it's? Neither? All occasions

Keep it turned up when you're at the gas station

So get your gas and hop right back into your ride

Rewind the tape and start it again because it's real fly

We broke you off somethin funky that will rap ya

We're not frontin on the California Cruiser

(nice and easy)

(nice and easy)

(nice and easy)

(nice and easy)

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