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Rodgers And Hammerstein – All Er Nothin lyrics

You'll have to be a little more standoffish,
When fellers offer you a buggy ride.

[Ado Annie]
I'll give a imitation of a crawfish,
And dig myself a hole where I can hide.

I heared how you was kickin' up some capers,
When I was off in Kansas City, Mo.
I heard some things you couldn't print in papers,
From fellers who been talkin' like they know!

[Ado Annie]
I only did the kind of things I orta, sorta,
To you I was as faithful as c'n be fer me.
Them stories 'bout the way I lost my bloomers - Rumors!
A lot of tempest in a pot o' tea!

The whole thing don't sound very good to me.

[Ado Annie]
Well, y' see.

I go and sow my last wild oat!
I cut out all shenanigans.
I save my money, don't gamble or drink,
In the back room down at Flannigans!
I give up lotsa other things,
A gentleman never mentions,
But before I give up anymore,
I wanta know your intentions!

With me it's all er nuthin'.
Is it all er nuthin' with you?
It cain't be "in between"
It cain't be "now and then"
No half and half romance will do!

I'm a one woman man, Home lovin' type,
All complete with slippers and pipe.
Take me like I am, er leave me be!
If you cain't give me all, give me nuthin'
And nuthin's whut you'll git from me!

[Ado Annie]
Not even sump'n?

Nuthin's whut you'll git from me!

[Ado Annie]
It cain't be "in between"

Hmm Hmm!

[Ado Annie]
It cain't be "now and then"

No half and half romance will do!

[Ado Annie]
Would you build me a house,
All painted white,
Cute and clean and purty and bright.

Big enough fer two but not fer three!

[Ado Annie]
S'posin' that we should have a third one?

He better look a lot like me!

[Ado Annie]
Yer spited image!

He better look a lot like me!

[Ado Annie]
With you it's all er nuthin'.
All fer you and nuthin' fer me!
But if a wife is wise, she's gotta realize,
That men like you are wild and free.
So I ain't gonna fuss, ain't gonna frown,
Have your fun, go out on the town,
Stay up late and don't come home till three.
And go right off to sleep if you're sleepy,
There's no use waitin' up fer me!

Oh, Ah do Annie!

[Ado Annie]
No use waitin' up fer me!

Come on and kiss me!

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