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Reh Dogg – Magnetic Emotional Bond lyrics

Want you need you (2X) Want you (2X) Need you (2X)
Want you need you (2X) Want you (2X) Need you (2X)

Now I going to try to describe this feeling I feel inside
Cause it very strong yo know I call it a magnetic emotional bond
So I going to try and describe it to you in this song
Magnetic emotional bond is what I feel for you it's beyond sexual or intimate
I just can't describe it you always in my mind you're meh favorite now
Everything that you do matters to me If someone hurts you it's hurting me too
And that's why I wrote this song for you cause the feelings true
Look at your face look away (4X) Go, Go
Man this feeling is so hard to describe yo no it's a serious thing
It's like it's burning deep inside me it's two magnetic forces drawn together
I don't know how else to put it I don't know how to do it yo know what ah mean
If someone makes you mad well then I feel angry explosive thoughts sets my brain on fire
No other love can be any higher
The more I disconnect the more I feel regret M. E. B. Is a problem to me gots to get away
But I can't the force makes me stay it's impossible the feeling is so incredible
And yo know that yo wonderful your inner beauty is beautiful bond that's so unbreakable
Look at your face look away (4X) Go Go
If I had to look in your eyes and tell you the truth I swear I'd break down and cry
Emotions too strong inside that's how I feel so meh mean
Yo can do no wrong magnetic emotional bond very dangerous thing to feel but
I assure you the feelings are real some friends can't understand it
I keep telling them I just can't fight it If I ever try then it's emotional suicide so
I will die the person inside I will be a shell that's empty sad and lonely M. E. B.
Magnetic emotional bond it's two hearts and souls coming together ever so bold
And I dunno what so cold whatever it makes me do anything I'm told
Makes me out of character that I just don't know so I just gots to go emotional
Look at your face look away (2X) Go Go

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