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Randy Vera – I Win lyrics

Dawn breaks on my fire escape, drinking coffee with pain, and dead dreams.
So, are you getting the attention, you needed so bad, you lied about me.
You took all my pride. Took the youth off of my face, took my deepest love
Then he took my place, well
My head there's a song, you sing along,
You go na na na na na na I win

Sun shines through a kitchen window, lights you from behind,
Words drip through cranberry lips
You vowed I was the man, just not the man you're with
I never gave up you said you were done but kept playin till your game was won

My head there's a song, you sing all night long,
You go, na na na na na na I win

Turn your eyes to look at me here, I'm just skin and bones, wrapped in doubt and fear
Your love love love love it wont let me go, it wont let me go,

My head there's a song, you sing all night long,
You go, na na na na na na I win

Love! My angel! My heart! My valentine! I will be just fine.
I will keep my love, leave your cheating behind.

My head there's a song, I'm singing: na na na na na na I win.

You trade our leaping ocean for that strip of gravel land, where weeds of mediocrity poke through like begging hands, you'll just do it again, you'll do it again, you will.

Na na na na, I win.

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