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Randane – Skank And Move lyrics

Huh-huh, huh-huh, Ayo-Ayo, Ra 'Ђ" Ra- Ra 'Ђ" Randane
Am about to take it to the club with this one
Com'on, Com'on

Chorus (X2)
Laddi Daddi, we rock the party
We don't cause trouble - we just sip bocardi
And skank and move, skank and move
Wey mi say, put on your dancing shoes

Verse 1
Ayo - Me, Damone and Sheldon, we can get any girls that we want
The swagger is amazingly clean, yep I said clean
Bocardi is boosting my buzz
White T 'Ђ" Check, Straight jeans 'Ђ" Check
Fresh trainers, chambala 'Ђ" in check

I bet you don't know that your girl is giving me the eye
I think am a make your girl, mine

Chorus (X2)

Verse 2
Back in the place, setting the pace,
The gyal dem looking at me, wondering if he's available
I got the style that they like,
A flow that is nice, to take your hoe, yep it is capable
With a real G, she wan ride, she wan ruum 'Ђ" ruum 'Ђ" ruum pon the bike
Them love we like Peas and rice, jesus Christ, we set the vibes

Chorus (X2)

Ayo, Randane, Lets go back in again

Chorus (X2)

Huh, huh, Randane, 2012, yeah, Ayo, Laddi Daddi, Just Skank and Move

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