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Pule – Homicide lyrics

[Intro: Pule]
Lets go
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Oh yeah, Pule

[Verse 1: Pule]
You make the rules
But I make the calls
And your panties on point, damn
Not take them off, baby I'm for real
The way you sport them heel's
You could make the pro's
You make these niggas pause when you take pose
So I ain't opposed if you trying to ride
You killing these ho's baby homicide
They should congratulate but if they hate
Then baby I'm not surprised
You get approached by a lot of guys
Talking about, where they want to take you
Niggas might be cool, but they ain't Pu
So she tell them thank you, but no thank you
Baby got manners
And baby got back but baby got standards
Now who could top that
I'm just a squirrel in your world
Speaking of your world can I rock that
Forgive me if I'm out of bounds
But closed mouth never get fed
And closed legs never get uhhhhh
Ain't even have to say it and you know what I said
You know what I said...

[Hook: Pule, Paris]
Before I put these cuffs on
I'm a to pat you down for weapons
Word round town you been killing these hoes
Code murder - murder
You killing these ho's baby homicide
(murder, murder)
You killing these ho's baby homicide
(murder, murder)
You killing these ho's baby homicide
(murder, murder) Homicide
You killing these ho's baby homicide

[Verse 2: Pule]
Truth be told you the truth
And God is good you the proof (thank God)
But you hot as a devil cause Prada's all in your shoes
And she could be model but model's not what she choose
She chill and I do to
Could be the one but it’s still too new
Hey we just vibin', parlaying
Pule in the background playing
And she know a nigga out here grinding
These dues a nigga out here paying
She's original
And yeah she bad but the girl vision though
Her intellect, I'm so in to that
I could sop her up with my dinner role
And she ain't never been ratchet
And niggas get mad cause they know they can't have it
And she ain't never been average
And bitches get mad because they know they can't match it
All that and a bag of lays
She been fine for years and got ass for days
And she could pass for a killer
Cause when she walk past haters pass away


[Bridge 2x: Pule, Paris]
I bet these bitches got a lot to say
And it’s probably because got what they want
And these niggas feel some kind of way
Girl let’s give them something else to hate on
Keep killing them


[Outro: Pule]
Pat you down for weapons
Pat you down for weapons
Pat you down for weapons
Pat you down for weapons
You killing these ho's baby homicide

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