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Psyche Origami – Nuff Teef lyrics

(But you can't have it, you don't have n... Nuff teef to
Chew it)(who are you)
Yo, it's Wystyk
(Why did you come here)
To get busy
(Who are you)
(Why did you come here)
(To represent)
(Who are you)
(Why did you come here)
(I don't know)
(Who are you)
(Psyche Origami)
(Why did you come here)
You want it
(But you can't have it, you don't have n... Nuff teef to
Chew it)
You need it
(But you can't have it, you don't have n... Nuff teef to
Chew it)
Ya'll got to have
(But you can't have it, you don't have n... Nuff teef to
Chew it)
You know you want it but
(But you can't have it, you don't have n... Nuff teef to
Chew it)
You want everything you can't have but nothing you can
Obtain got to have it all with some room to complain
Got to make these grenades blow you out of the frame
And leave your holograph in pieces scattered on the
You want a reason to rock a chain and cop a tinted [not
Sure] instead of hoppin the train locked in the same
Hustle while we walkin these plains jump from one to
The next and if it's in your headset you're bumpin the
Boy you can't defeat me (why) 'cause I'm just an idea
That wouldn't exist if there was only energy here so
Step out my sphere and great cha I know it when I meat
Cha my sixth sense keep things warm like space heaters

I measure fluid in gallons and never millileters and we
Keep the bottom heavy to stretch out your tweeters
We soon to be found everywhere like [card readers] and
Barcodes on keychains I maintain doesn't refrain from
Letting any boundary make a difference
Ladies get broken hearted when I tell them my position
'Bout the greater mission and when the journey's
Complete we 'bout to bring space down in the street and
That's why
I build a strangest pattern stone the earthlings and
Strong enough to cut your purse strings but I hit you
With the first things first my neighborhood's enormous
I stay preoccupied bringing form to the formless
Most time you see me in the high performance of a grab
Giving pounds to everybody that I stumble past my
Tongue'll past hoes [anger] for sport better call in
Some air support because very soon every bug on this
Rock'll be as big as my hand and coastal
Catastrophes'll move humans further inland
Of course if I had ten hands I'd hide five ten fans and
Ask the guy at the door for more wristbands
I'm on a lowrider bike with a chrome kickstand but
Can't put worth in things that don't really exist man
I want to deviate but stay above surface 'cause when
You understand it it's worth it and that's why
(You don't have n nuff teef to chew it)

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