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Psalm – Judgment's Burden lyrics

Hurt you with my selfishness
This is where character is built
Trust me, son
Choke you with my covetousness
This is where youth's battles are lost
Push you face down in the mud
When you're weak
Just call me, dear child
Day after day I'm fading
Into your dark embrace and I
Cannot breathe
Your accusing eyes I feel
See these stains on my virgin dreams
Proud of your work?
I'm fading... Hate me!
Don't break me with your love
Don't tell me where to go
Down to my knees
What you expect from me I cannot give
Lock me up, judgment's burden
Crucify me on the cross of lost hope
Silence! Keep your damn lies!
What you pretend to be, I can't believe
Lock me up, judgment's burden
Mesmerize me with your sore illusions
Silence! Open your eyes!
I'll burn your white flag (burn it down)
I yearn for disgrace
I'll burn your white flag (burn it down)
The tide must turn, dear (just watch me)
On the dawn of life
My lips are sealed
I feel so numb
Ignorance is bliss
On the edge of strength
Your plans revealed
I feel so alone
Ignorance is bliss
Break the chains, cut the veins
Frustration, delusion
Found my pride, my own guide
What you see is what you'll get
Your pawn is dead
Keep your damn lies!
Open your eyes!
Dread the free man, your new child
Try to understand my demand
I need more space, new face
See the dice roll, pay your toll
Cradle of lost sympathy
Floats on the sea of new dreams
Blind faith I lost in you
My own judge I will be
Take a last look
I'll cut the thread! (save yourself)
I'll cut the thread!

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