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Prophet Posse – After Dark lyrics

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J) At
the Dub we gettin buck Comin
like a lightning struck Cockin
back the chrome at the B??
s*****say I'm fakin it Players
playa hatin it We
can trade words or get in some gangsta s titAint
the type of n anusthat be comin up and then fall Keep
a couple of nines in my drawls when I'm at the mall When
I'm at the club in the tub for a rub a dub Even
at the church cause True??
to the ground yea I'm down for my fuckin crown Straight
from the north side of town with the gangsta frown Evergreen
n s****brought the clown cause we bull n s titWith
the prophet posse and the whole fuckin triple six Killa
Klan Kaze in the party with the evil hottie Like
collecting guns just for fun stackin dead bodies If
you think I'm all rap and just a coward on the floor Turn
your fuckin nuts and bring it out the front door ho, [Chorus

2X] For
the n s****who act like they hard We
won't hesitate to pull your whole cart And
all the hoods you bangin you slangin for you bar Cause
aint no tellin what's gonna happen after dark Twelve

o'clock in, the car on, the Bout?
to bring it to, your door I
don't bar no b h***or, a n anusI
pull triggas won't, fight I, tright to hit ya If
you bigger you, gonna fall or, try to crawl Then
I ball on your face with, chrome rims or, black walls Late
at night I'm, super tight stay, out of sight With
a scope pointed at a car with, blue lights (blue lights) You
know what I mean with, the stripes run up on ya like, oj Simpson With
a knife on, your wife or, your kids Yea
I did all the dirt all, by myself split, whigs Put
a body dead, body body, bags zippin, tight real tight For
the trash then, I laugh for the last aftermath, Hahahahahahahahaha... [Chorus


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