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Promatic – Everyday lyrics

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doo, day, Yo

It's, like I do this s titeveryday n anusIt

ain't no thing to me We

will buss yo' a Promatic**, style Everyday

all, day Sicknotes, (Doo

doo), [Dogmatic]


makes no difference What

position you put this mic in Kevin

still rippin' it's, like Black

folk and chicken corn, bread mac, 'n chesse Bigg

Proof Dogmatic, 17 pimpin' we's We

will make you sneeze (Awchoo) You

hoes on yo' knee Caps

I'm, like a dope-fien that relapse So

I'm, 'a continue to buss caps Got

10 different murders on 10 different maps Man

these, n s****that rap know the hapse When

I brandish this thang in your face then perhapse Your

mind will be changed One

way or, another It

decides to do right or get blown on your brother So

dog' call your mother Tell!

her this news It's

Bigg Proof and who You?

know how we do everyday, (hahaha) [Chorus


like zipahdee-dipahdee-doo do-da-day), Everyday


be hittin' these licks on you everyday), You

know how we play (It's

like zipahdee-dipahdee-doo do-da-day), Everyday


be hittin' these licks on you everyday), You

know how we play (It's

like zipahdee-dipahdee-doo) Who



robber double-oh father Fatherin'

arthur of not to bother With

n s****that's harder Promatic

is not 'a iminue spin off We

break women and men off The

City of Boom is really the news S

titnow, stick to yo' truths Sick

of these fools Actin'

like we ain't got stress to tell off And

like Pockets? he's deep And

he can pay his bail off I'ma

hit my lick bit, by bit Kick

my s tit'til, a m r**********wig get split Everybody

actin' like this game is so damn good No

man could understand, my pain Wondering

in rain Where

entrence you beg a difference Of

these locals think I made it Blink

got faded (faded) these gangs think I hate it What

matters to Matic Matics

matter to Proof We

only trying to grab it this loose s titAnd

that's the truth The

C E. O's. (hahaha) don't wanna see me grow But

now 'a hungry mothafucka' now so feed, me dow Everyday!




like Lector Hannibal cannibal mannibal Here

to do damage to a Promatic attitude Nah

I, ain't mad at you I'm

just a battle dude (gunshots) [Proof]


at you You

Bin Laden s titwe been rappin' Here

fill out this application for some chin smackin' We

been packin' You

don't wanna see pimp in action Doip

doip, on, your throat watchin' your neck snap in half Like

some E tabs [Dogmatic]


with no rehab God

gift of Smack?

the s titoutta' 6 rappers off E fast Smash

out E-class Detroit's

that new s tit(You're stupid )![Proof]


not on your block Hot

on them billboard charts You

feel our hop Proof, and Dog I'm 'a tick Get

off our d k**And

pick up your face While

you watch us floss whips (whips) Who's

packin' gats for us Bag

a rack and just By

acts after us do, gats have to buss (gunshot) (haha) [Chorus


doo, day), Everyday


doo, day), You

know how we play (Doo

doo, day), Everyday


doo, day), You

know how we play (Doo

doo, (who, )?day doo, doo),

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