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Project Pat

Ooh Nuthin' lyrics

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Project Pat – Ooh Nuthin' lyrics

(Chorus)X 2
Whacha doin girl wit all dat (ooh nuttin)
What's all that pokin from the back (ooh nuttin)
Whacha got goin over there (ooh nuttin)
What's all dat makem stop and stare (ooh nuttin)

You can call me gold mouth, that's what I said
Hey baby you gon eat your cornbread!
'cause it look like to me that cha did already
Wit some nice butter rolls voodoo spaghetti
Already got me hypnotized under a spell
Walkin by lookin at da whale on dat tale
Can't tell ye ain't fine wit dat big ole hump
Girlfriend you got mega junk in dat trunk
I beez on these big booty galz that our stouter
Then the couchi hole, let her know I'ma bout her
Damn meal chicken cause she kickin while I doubter
I ain't being mean but her pockets on the droughta
Sippin on this lean got my dick on some?
You can get sprung off this like some powder
Oops wrong hole what she said in the shower
Already hit the booty hole for an hour

Chorus X 2

Ring around the rosie, pocket fulla posie
Mind full of numbers make these bitches wonder
Let's go smoke an ounce up, maybe tear da house up
Gripp on her ass cause this lads got a big butt
She can make ya touch ground, she can make ya bounce round
She could pack it up make a killin in another town
Shake junt staring, I don't mean no harmin
Call me Mr. Whipple cause I wanna squeeze the Charmin
Rubbbin on her back as I suck on her nipple!
Mane this gal stacked but cheeks like a hippo!
Jimmy crack corn I'm gon bust on her lippo!
Jimmy in my cup my nig take a sippo!
Down by da benz so her cheese gonna flippo!
Left the hotel with a limp like a cripple!
Pretty like highs and her smile had a dimple!
Make her twat hot like a bust on a pimple!

Chorus X 2

You's a bad young thang baby where yo mane
Making niggaz heads turn like G- D-
I'm gon ask for ya name, youve been blessed for sho
Smellin better than a tight rolled optimo
I'm gon have to know, how ya garden grow
Also you can holla back after the show
Got somethin poking out of that short ass dress
You know just whacha doin gal, and you a mess
With yourself, stackin wealth got me on hard
If I getcha in the bed pussy gon' fart
You da strait freak type, and I'm lovin dat
G-string, all night, you can make it clap
She can be one of those bisexuals
That love to engage in manage trois
Layin down wit a man, went behind the bar
Catchin me with dope then she take the charge

Chorus (fade)

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