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Project Pat
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Project Pat

Choppers lyrics

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Project Pat – Choppers lyrics

Chorus: 2x

On the block we got them choppers
We got them choppers in the car we got them choppers
We got them choppers at the club we got them choppers we got
Them choppers ain't no love we got them choppers we got
Them choppers

(B. G.)

Look chopper totin is my occupation set my
Ground I'm representing in this situation
Since I was young it been all about paper chasing
It was a trauma for niggas that been player hatin
I don't give a fuck call it short ten years I was facing
Bitch wanted B. G. Z to get out but that ain't bout natin
B. G. A livin legend that represent the streets
T. V's is what I'm watching while I'm in my Mercedes Jeep
I don't check niggas then splittin niggas
I'm thuggin with project pat we all rich niggas
Presidential Rolex wrapped around my wrist nigga
Nigga hope after the show I'm fucking yo bitch nigga
Act like a nigga Cash Money like to shine nigga
Pay attention cause we hypnotize yo mind nigga
About my cash so I stay on the grind nigga
You wanna war look I'm ready at all times nigga
Bout mine nigga get it right get it right


What you say B. G. Z these niggas better get it right
Everybody stay in line
Niggas totin gats and breakin backs but
In 98 we shine
In 99 it's nigga time
And I'm gone get mine
Niggas incausterated doing time shouting fuck one time
Got limo tents with rolie's that gone line
Totin two nines shots from the front and behind
Let bitch niggas know they can't take mine
I'm using my mind cause I'm enhancing doing crime
And you gone hear it in all my rhymes
I'm moving bricks to set tricks making sure
Every hoe I fuck with suck my dick
My baby momma could miss me with that bullshit
I want the money, a rolex, a 99 roles royce kaneice slick
Niggas bettin shoutin how you love that? These other
Niggas keep stealin but I don't understand that
Not fucking these hoes with Project Pat
Nigga tell me how you love that tell me how you love that

Repeat Chorus: 2x

(Project Pat)

I'm yo dawg Project Pat ghetto section A housing
Stomach pain growling got me on the prowling
Streets got me wildin backstabbers smilin
Now I'm catchin checks for some hundreds and thousands
I'm housing these bitches man dope try to down me
Grew up in the hood so you hoes better crown me
Get from round me I'm a thug be beside me(out of state)
Wanna show love but they know they can't know they fake
When I touch ya dome won't be shit funny
Like Baby and B. G. I want that Cash Money
The fast money I'm addicted to this fast life
Just like a drunk I'm smoking crack out that glass pipe
Yo ass might as well try to jack yo momma
I never had shit to run up and cacth troubles
A real nigga ya step ya die see yo ass
Rather try crack before you try me

Repeat Chorus: 3x

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