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Princess Superstar – Ceo lyrics


I'm at the top and there's nowhere else to go
You can call me nice or you can call me ceo
Cuz if you this I'll be quick to dismiss ya
Put you in the mailroom where I won't even miss ya

The color of my Amex is strictly platinum
Would you like to do lunch ya'all can come
Put the fancy food on my plate
Cuz I'm livin so large you can call me Bill Gates

I'm the ceo!
I'm the ceo!
I'm the ceo take a business card
I'm the ceo and I'm livin' damn hard
I'm the ceo!

Don't waste my time cuz my time is your money
Did I hear someone laugh, the shit ain't funny
Cause I can work 9-5 like I was Dolly Parton
But I'm makin' suckers wish that they never went to Wharton

This ain't no small business like the Hair Club for Men
In the Fortune 500 well I'm in the top ten
Now I'm talkin' on the cell phone but don't touch that dial
Better yet get off that butt open the drawer get me a file

The style that I sport is always Bergdorf's
I don't take no retortin' cause my desk is my basketball court
I play the sport with all the heavy hitters
And at Sotheby's I'm the highest fuckin' bidder

I'm the ceo!
I'm the ceo!
Where's my fuckin' secretary?
Yeah I'll call you back next january
I'm the ceo!

This takeover's kinda hostile
Men beneath me- docile
Excuse me but my driver's waiting outside
And I got to jet
Of course, the private jet
50 men in suits to serve me inside

And if you don't know, now you know!

I'm the ceo!
I'm the ceo!
Better than the president
Your yearly wage is what I pay for rent
I'm the ceo! Ohhhhhhh

I'm the ceo!
I'm the ceo!
I'm the ceo take a business card
I'm the ceo and I'm livin' damn hard
I'm the ceo! Ohhhhhhhh

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