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U are listening 2 W.O.O.L., your alternative music station)

If U decide 2 get in a key, it's E-flat

(Here's the brand new one by The Flesh, "U Gotta Shake Something")

4 love

U gotta shake something, what U got 2 lose?
What U got 2 lose?
U gotta shake something, what U got 2 lose?
U gotta shake something, what U gonna do? Yeah {x2}
Blow Eric, huh! Ow! Uh, damn!

Jimmy Black & The Whites

U gotta shake something, what U gonna do? Yeah
Jimmy White & The Blacks
Damn! Something
Blow Eric, come on, don't stop, say "Uh!"

U gotta shake something, uh
U gotta.. U gotta.. U gotta.. U gotta shake something (something)
If your pants' 2 tight (They're far 2 tight)
Shake it with us 2night (Shake it, baby {x3})
Hey, U gotta shake something (something, baby)
Ow! U gotta shake (U gotta shake)
(If U feel all tight, I feel alright)
Go go, huh
U gotta shake

Drop out the bass
U gotta shake

Levi, get up, I wanna say, I wanna say "Uh!"

U gotta shake something ... uh!
U gotta shake something (something)
If, ha, if your pants' 2 tight
(U gotta shake something ... uh!)
Shake it with us 2night
(U gotta shake something ... uh!)
U gotta shake something {x2}
[Baby], U gotta shake something
What's the matter, honey, U tired?
U gotta shake something, hey!
U gotta

Levi, stop!
Everybody, B-flat, come on
U gotta shake something
Go back B-flat, come on, I say "Uh!"
U're not sexy, get out o' my house
Get out o' my house
Levi, stop!

Everybody, B-flat, come on, say..
U gotta shake something ... uh
U gotta shake something
B-flat, huh, come on (Uh)
I gotta stop and tune the guitar
Yeah, ha ha
U can't fuck with us 2night
U gotta shake something

Go back E-flat, come on, don't...

See the girl over there
Polka dot dress on, yeah
It don't matter, no care
I put the.. U got the sexy gown, yeah
Can I get up under that dress, honey?
Shake something
(Hey, come on, wait a minute)

U know I feel alright
U gotta, gotta shake something 2night, 2night
(Shake it then, honey, shake it, good God, huh)
U're gonna be alright
I won't do U no wrong
Eric, blow! Ow!
Looka here

Looks like rain, come on

(Shake) {repeat in BG}
Go go, uh
U got any old James Brown records?
U gotta shake something in here
(Sing, ha) U can't fuck with us {x2}
Uh, ha, U can't fuck with us {repeat in BG}
U gotta shake something
U got any old Otis Redding records?
U know what I'm talking about
Huh, hey!
Red drums set up in this ... ow!
Drop out the bass, Levi, stop!

B-flat, uh
(Shake) {repeat in BG}
Go go, uh
Eric, stop! Uh
That's the way 2 say it: Uh!
Eric, blow! Uh
It's alright
Levi? Why'd U stop Levi, why'd U stop, come on, uh!

(Shake, shake shake shake) {repeat in BG}
I wanna hear some Red drums in here
Jungle love, yeah, when I gotta love, yeah
Levi, go go

Fellas, uh, U can't fuck with us {repeat in BG}

On the 1
1 time, huh {x2}
Hold it, stop stop
2 times, huh
Ow, good God!

(Shake) {repeat in BG}
Levi, U know U will have 2 excuse me, we just bought a new car
Oh, we just bought a used car
Don't laugh
U can't fuck with us
Something 4 all the white peoples

(Shake, shake shake shake) {repeat in BG to the end}
What key we in? OK
Baby, when we start 2 sweat
Baby, U ain't seen nothin' yet
I got big ol' biceps and a sexy ass
U can't fuck with me, mama, I'll break your glass eye
Alright, Sammy, good God
Feel the funk
U know what I'm talkin' about

(Shake, U gotta shake something) {repeat in BG to the end}
U ever seen a black man play guitar with no clothes on?
I ain't bullshittin', uh
U can't fuck with us
Washington wives, U can't fuck with us

Sometime, sometime, sometime I can't.. I can't..
I can't make up my mind
(I love it)
I'll say whatever I want 2
U can't fuck with me, no
Ride, honey, ride, honey

Levi, stop!

Fade this shit out, we gotta 2 get the..
Fade this shit out, come on Cole, shit
U can't fuck with us
I'm afraid, U know, U can't fuck with us

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