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Planet Asia – Cali Breeze lyrics

[Planet Asia]

Cali Breeze, Planet Asia

Cali Breeze

Through the mist, I stays true to this

No matter what the opportunist consuming, confuse me not wit foolishness

I stand on earth as the Asian beneficant

Vocalist, don't wanna focus cuz the brokest ones be the best rappers

To keep you listenin, but still that ain't true

Cuz you can make a million bucks and still all praise due

To the highest degrees, I manifest to be the flyest mc

My final chapters you been dyin to see

Cali Breeze, male and fishy cuz these cats be killin big fish

For small change, dyin off without eatin the big dish

Witness life at its worst, evident witness at the finest

I Timex raps to keep my stats at a climate that's cool

Cats only climax cuz cats make sense

Cuz how the fuck you 'bout to mc when you can't make rent

For shelter, so keep it movin if your goal in life is shiesty

I hold the mic for days cuz rhyme pays, quoted by Ice-T

Precisely, I patternize thoughts that's frightening

Sometimes I drops lightning on the poisonous minds

I run the lines like Rasco but blown off hash though

G's for Cali Breeze cuz my steez is cash flow

And now you know the deal when Planet Asia's on zone

Lockin shit down forever massive and we keepin shit sewn

[Chorus:] A

It's a day to life struggle that bends the pavement for cheese

Cali Breeze, let me put you up on Central Valley steez

These cool cats camouflage through the hay

And we can tell if you's a snake just by the look on your face

[Chorus:] B

It's a day to life struggle that bends the pavement for cheese

Cali Breeze, let me put you up on Central Valley steez

These cool cats camouflage through the hay

And if you don't know the deal that you's about to get laced

[Planet Asia]

I be the major microphone that's on a mission for chips

In this game of life of survival, man I'm tryin to get rich

Fuck tryin to penny-pinch, endin uppenny-less

Hollering bout you underground but really your shit sounds the most trendiest

I write rhymes like morning articles

My particles startle like terrortists takin hostages on Greyhound charters

Smoother than college in Alastin

Knowledge and pass when

I used to fantasize about fame, dollars, makin shit happen

Was my wish made true? My visions became the view

Cuz if it wasn't for my dreams I wouldn't rock it for you

Hip hoppin for you, droppin Cali when I socks it to you

Daily elevations the ritual, my conscience is true

From out the calm breeze climate, Cali palm trees alignment

Of gestures, generates words to execute assignment

Foreign, world wide tourin, naturalistically explorin over-seas

Planet Asia, Cali Breeze

Chorus B

Chorus A

[Planet Asia]

Cali Breeze, Planet Asia

Planet Asia, Yard Massive, Cali Breeze

Cali Breeze

Chorus A

Chorus B

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