Pierce The Veil
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Pierce The Veil

Yeah Boy And Doll Face lyrics

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Pierce The Veil – Yeah Boy And Doll Face lyrics

Were you honest when you said,
"I could never leave your bed"?
Wake me up and let me know
You're alive.

And will you fall in love again?
Is the scent slowly spreading?
I've been answering machines
All night.

Now the doctors dancing in,
While the ambulances sing.
Another boy without a sharper knife

The moment, that's where I
Kill the conversation, wrap this up
With a knife that loves to feel,
How do you know how deep to go before it's real?

Take me home,
Can I even
Complicate your breathing?
I guess I'm just your average boy

This is me,
With a knife in the back and a grip on the grass, it's cold
And I don't want to be here.
I guess I'm never comfortable or situational

(Are we losing or beginning
To try a new life without you?)

The moment, that's where I
Kill the conversation, wrap this up,
With a lie that I'm enjoying
Every minute with myself

And she could make hell
Feel just like home,
So I'm never leaving her alone

But if your lightning lips aren't mine,
Then I don't know the awkward stranger to my right,
But she's crying.

I only need one hand to drive,
When you're with me.
You are my getaway.

Oh no,
And don't you ever feel alone?
And don't you wish you were home,
Cut the lust tonight?

Alright, alright tell me why my,
Little Mona Lisa told a lie

Do you want me,
Do you want to let me know that you're okay?
A diamond gold ring,
Customized to cut your circulation

But I couldn't let you go,
No, I never let you go my dear.
So keep talking cause I love to hear your voice,
Your voice again.

Lyrics taken from http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/p/pierce_the_veil/yeah_boy_and_doll_face.html

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  • b
    I feel like the "complicate your breathing" means that no matter what happens to him it still will not effect her in any way, she will continue on with her life like nothing happened. The "i don't know the awkward stranger to my right" means that no matter how hard he tries he will still not feel the same with a new random person. Its awkward meeting new people especially after you have been hurt. The fear of the same fate eats away at you on the inside. A hole. I pulsating but broken heart. It keeps going but you can't understand why.
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  • u
    A guy is emotionally unstable but has a lover that he really feels for but starts to question her loyalty. He tries to kill himself and it becomes apparent that she is cheating on him. He knows she's cheating on him but doesn't know what to do about it. He tries leaving her but feels he can't because he still has feeling for her. They both have emotional problems and their relationship is unstable yet they can't stop seeing each other.
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  • u
    I think where he says "wake me up and let me know your alive" its suppose to say "wake me up and let me know your life or lying" then I would like cmpletely understand it because she cheats on him he cuts himself "how do you know how deep to go b4 its real? " and that other part "another boy without a sharper knife! " and "customized to cut your circulation! " and a whole bunch of athoer parts. It's an awesome song! : d and I know those lyrics are right so ya, I just think itd make more sense. -_- ~obsession with pierce the veil and mcr~.
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  • u
    The boy finds out that the girl he was going to marry ("diamond gold ring") she doesn't feel the same way so she left him, she didn't even tell him the reason why, she lied to him. His little everything lied to him to get out of being with him. And when he try's to kill himself he fails. When people brung up their situation and uf he can live life without her, he "kills the conversation" he diesnt want to talk avout it. Because he can't live without her. He saw her again. But seeing her now if she isn't his anymore, then she's just another ("awkward stranger") he tells her he is happy alone, and ("enjoying every minute with himself") he lied. But she is like mona lisa because no one knows what she's thinking or why she left him. But he wants to know what she has been thinking. Does she want him back? Has she been okay? He tells her that she was going to ask her to marry him and as she explains he says he will never give up, but he listens to everything she has to say.
    *I pretty much explained ever line that means somthing in this song. I know I'm right. So here's the meaning!
    - kelly (:
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  • u
    I think this song is about a relationship where the guy is so deeply in love with a girl but she doesn't have as strong feelings towards him. It seems like he can't handle all the emotions he's going through and tries to release them through cutting himself. He appears blinded by his love for this woman 'i don't know the awkward stranger to my right'. He doesn't see anything else but her and what they have. Or rather 'had'. She's obviously not who he had originally thought and may have betrayed his love and trust. It's a deep and meaningful song. I love it. Seems to have so many meanings.
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