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Pendulum – Self Vs Self lyrics

If I struggle a lifetime,
What would my body be?
An empty shell,
On what a demon fed

Could be a heavy burden,
To stay true to your words
Speak up,
I wanna silence everything

If I got no plan,
Doesn't mean that I get what I want for free
If I got no meaning,
Would you force me to a place where I make sense?
'Cause nothing lasts forever

How do I get home?
Everything revolves around you
If I can't find myself?
As you're so completely fake

How do I get home?
Everything revolves around you
If even you can't help?
Dark nights from my soul

I deny failure,
I Ignite
Woe is on my misery,
She wins all their eyes

Realise what they find's not fate,
This is not me, this is me
So if I struggle a lifetime,
What good would that do?

If I got a plan,
Doesn't have to stop the feeling inside
If I do make sense,
Would you drag me down?
'Cause nothing lasts forever

How do I get home?
Everything revolves around you!
If I can't find myself?
As you're so completely fake!

How do I get home?
Everything revolves around you!
If even you can't help?
Dark night from my soul

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Submitted byPhreakzy


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    To me, this song got quite personal. In my interpretation, this song is about a struggle between what a person would want to be versus what the world wants that person to be. The questions represent the confusion between two paths: if you live to please the needs of others, you lose yourself, but if you live to please your happiness, the world discards and "drags you down". You get torn between two aspects of yourself, the need to survive, and the expectations of the world leading to quicksand of lies to both the world and yourself. And in the end you realise that everything passes away be it good or bad, leaving you empty and hollow. - this is my meaning for this song.
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    If I were to guess the meaning of this song, I would say its about a person that has either gotten out of a relationship or something has happened where this "person" feels like they have lost them-self. Because of this he or her is feeling hopeless and is questioning there beliefs and wondering if there life is going to continue this way. Thus, he or she is beating them-self up "self vs self".
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    Too me this song is a struggle between what the person wants to do and the ignorant opinion of what the person is supposed to be. How do I get home seems to be a reference to finding where they ultimately should be in there life for them self regardless of if it has meaning. The struggle to finding yourself. Hence self vs. Self. - could be wrong but its how I see it. One of my favorite songs.
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