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Pendragon – Eraserhead lyrics

Behind the iron curtain secret doors
Lie broken and twisted ideals that litter from my floor.
It's not that I don't hear you shouting in my head
It's just a noise that deadens me
Compounding my indifference.

I need you now like I need a hole in my head
I'd give you my simpathy
But the space behind these black eyes is dead.

It's not that I don't hear you screaming in my face
It's just a noise that deadens me
Compounding my indifference.

Lay your head down, lay your beautiful head down.
Can the worm turn inside me like a wheel
And shut the door of my sensivity to the way you feel?

I hate your country
I hate this new religion
I hate your politics
I hate your like of kindness
I hate what you've become
And so it seems that green has become the new red
Void of human empathy

My head tilts in mock fascination.
As I pull the legs off this poor squirming creature
But I will grow and take my filth into an unsuspecting world.

You can't tell me what to do, the school's no longer in control
The parents twitch like a wrimp wristed puppets
You and your liberal ideas - what fools -
Just a rebel without a clue.

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