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Pearl Jam – Angel lyrics

Like an angel fly over your house
Like an angel pass out wishes
Like an angel I will move the arrow
Like an angel I live alone
I'm not livin' what was promised
I am close but can't enjoy
Oh I'm not dyin'
Oh I'm so tortured 'cause I see all
Tortured and all I cannot do
Tortured all I should have done
Tortured while I occupied a man
I'm not livin' what was promised
I am far from glorified
Oh I'm not dyin'
Oh I'm not alone
Mind is not a celestial state with idle hymns of praise
Time is short I have an appointment at noon at noon in Hell
Across the waste of space and fields of air I glide alone at night
Oh please please think of me 'cause I'm I'm by your side
I'm by your side I'm by your side oh
I'm I'm right in front of you I'm by your side

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  • Babylonkid
    Wow, what an amazing live performance. This guys the best. Feels to me like the song is about being stuck in between worlds. Not an angel yet, but like an angel. This person was a good person who lived an honest life and is expecting to get in to heaven. Except he/she is just hovering around timelessly waiting to meet his/her maker. Of corse this person left someone behind. Now this almost angel is reflecting and regretting. Fuckin awesome song!
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