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Paul White – Street Lights lyrics

I’m livin’ where I know it ain’t right
In the city of no streetlights
And when you can’t see but to fight
Lost in the city of no street lights
So dim up ahead, blind in the city of no streetlights
That’s why we trapped in the dark
Spark in a city of no streetlights

. 5 rolled up in the Swisher
How many bitches wanna fuck this nigga?
Danny Brown the Hybrid, old toothless-ass nigga
But the bitches fuckin’ with him ‘cause they know he got charisma
Ride down Glenwood, brights on the headlights
Can’t see shit ‘cause there ain’t no fuckin’ street lights
Hook, roll, pass – but they can’t flick, though
So fuckin’ dark, scary, might have pistols
Dump on ‘em, disappear, nowhere to be found
On the news, cops killed on the Westside of town
It’s a war going on when the sun goes down
So in the battlefield keep your hard hat on
‘Cause out there are savages, aiming at your cabbages
Dunk in the wheelchairs, be considered radishes
Mama told me be home ‘fore the streetlights on
But nowadays they don’t work, so the kid’s never home
And I’m gone…


[Verse 2:]
Like the sign that say beer and wine
Gas station niggas get slumped pumping on 9
I’m trapped in the dark, how the fuck am I supposed to shine?
But it’s got to come to light, so I’m for sure gon’ get mine
Got a heart full of grind, mind full of hustle
They tried to keep the secret, but now it’s out in the public
These other rappers jealous, don’t respond to bbms
I’m too busy doing drugs, shining harder than them
They wanna throw shade, stupid shit played
Smart nigga answer questions, there ain’t no nick, make the grade
My younger days, used to be a rascal, arcade
Caught the bus downtown before night was today
‘Cause I knew a nigga might try to try me for my Jordans
No holdin’ nothin’, nigga, just focus on importance
Mama told me be home ‘fore the streetlights on
But nowadays they don’t work, so the kid’s never home
And I’m gone…


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