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Paper Bird – I Don't Mind lyrics

[Verse 1]
There is something
In the water
My mind's a little blank
There are answers
In the breezes
Softly whispering

There is freedom on a road
And a book that feels like home
There's a million lovers
You could have tonight


I am not a quitter
I am not a saint
Our sweet has gone bitter
And it's pouring rain

Give me shelter from the sky
Give me a reason why
Give me love or give me lies
I don't mind, yeah
I don't mind (Ooh!)


[Verse 2]
After many restless nights
Eyes are open wide
And I know it's hard to love someone
Who never does it right

Well the truth is hard to come by
My patience is running thin
It's not easy to be a dreamer
When you're sleeping with the wind

[Chorus 2]
Give me silver from the banker
And a ship without an anchor
Give me fools among the wise
I don't mind, yeah
I don't mind


Under the glow
Give me one more moment
One more moment
Give it to me slow

Give me one
Give me two
You take me and I'll take you
Give me lovin' all the time
I don't mind, yeah
I don't mind

[Chorus 3]
Give me shelter from the night
Take my wrongs and make them right
Give me lovin' all the time
I don't mind, yeah
I don't mind

I don't mind
I don't mind

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