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Papa San – Hail Him Up lyrics

Blessed be the king of Israel everytime, Cho!
Mek wi hail Him up; Mek wi hail Him up; Mek wi hail Him up; (Uh, Uh)
Mek wi hail Him up; Mek wi hail Him up; Mek wi hail Him up; (Uh, Uh)
Mek wi hail Him up; You know mi tell dem seh
Yu see my king, mi love Him, Check it, Hey!

Mek wi hail up dih man deh come die for my sins,
Thank Him daily for everything,
What ah peace and joy weh dat deh man bring, (Sing.. Sing)
Mek wi hail up dih man him come die for my sins
Thank Him daily for everything
What peace and joy weh dat deh man bring, (Sing.. Sing)

When Jesus ah did trod Him used to humble as lamb
Dih world tek on dih flesh and come dwell amongst man
Dih Father send Son fi complete mission
Thus I can have a chance fi see salvation
Salvation is a gift and ah nuh something weh you buy
Jesus is the reason so yu nuh fih haffi ask mi why
Ah him make dih sacrifice fi you and I
So mek wi hail up dih god from mount Zion high (sing!)

John Baptist dih nuh worthy fi latch on Him shoes
When Christ get ready everybody haffi move
When yu trust inna Jesus yu nuh worry bout food
Him use two fish five bread and feed ah whole multitude
Dih scribe and dih Pharisees fulla excuse
Ah coulda wah did really tek dem deh stiff necked Jews,
Who dem fi pick dem nuh pick,
Who dem fi choose dem refuse,
Come gih sum' mek we spread Jah Jah news (now!)

Him mek sea above land yet it cannot overflow,
By dih power of His mouth he can fall deh hair or snow
Paint dih breeze inna colour mek yu see when it ah blow
Dih birds of the air Him can show them where go
Kick dih world to pieces with tip of His toe,
And call thousand angel everythin' get over throw,
(Him seh), knock it shall be open if ah Him you want fi know,
Ah who no want fi knock can tan outta door, (Cho)

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