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Palehorse – Mustn't Grumble lyrics

Pan koтikov is a carpenter. He works alone.
Every day he looks out at the summer sky
Through the grimy bars of his small window.
But he is happy. Forty years of toil and strife
Are finally paying off. Word is getting around
The small town, and he's getting more work.
Everyday at noon he goes to buy bread from
The baker down the road. On the way he passes
A little girl begging in the street, dirt on her
Clothes and her hands. Her name is anna and
Everyone in town knows her. He spared
Her hardly a second glance. Despite her pleas
For food - everyday is the same.

One day pan koтikov is very happy. He is
Getting more and more work and decides to
Buy two loaves instead of the usual one. As he
Passes anna, he relents, and for the first time,
Gives her a loaf of bread. The next day, anna
Is back at her station. She is convinced that
That was the extent of her luck. But pan
Koтikov beckons her over to his workshop;
He sends her to buy the bread, promising her
A fresh loaf. The next day, expectant, anna
Needs no beckoning. She runs to buy the
Bread and is happy.

This continues everyday until the sky
Gradually turns grey and the winds start
To pick up... The old man looks out of
His door. Anna is waiting for him as per
Normal. He slowly steps out and looks
Down at her. "sorry", he says. "there is
No bread today. For you, or for me. People
Will not buy my tables in winter. " she
Turns, and walks away, and sits back down
In her old position on the street once more...

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