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Onelinedrawing – Livin' Small lyrics

These dreams'll raise you up
Some kids wanna be rockstars, and some kids wanna be firemen

But those dreams'll mess you up
If you're in it for the bright lights and the battle scars
It'll turn you into a liar, man

I don't know if I've seen a million faces
I'm not sure if I've rocked them all
All I know is I've met a lot of people
Filled a lot of spaces
Learned to jump and learned to take a fall
And if that's not livin' large, then
I'm happy livin' small

Well, most of us, when we go out looking,
As we do, for our lovers and our friends
Yea, we know it's not just supposed to
Be about what looks good
We know it's not really all about the benjamins
Yea, but business is a lot like love and
Business is a lot like friendship, isn't it?
Yea, well either way, if you just go out
Looking for what's rich and hot
You'll end up with a piece of shit

I don't know if I'll make a million dollars
Yea who knows, maybe if I return those calls...
All I know is when I tune in,
Turn on and go out
It's not my radio
It's not my tv show
It's not my rock-n-roll
Looks like one big fashion show
All these punk rock pimps and hoes
Sellin' this and sellin' those
Sodas, cars and phones
I mean, what's the dilly, yo?
This channel isn't clear at all
And if that's what passes these days for livin' large
Then I'm happy livin' small.

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