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One Day As A Lion – One Day As A Lion lyrics

Blood soaked earth that you call home
Close your eyes but don't sleep
We comin' like peoples army
For the people who can't eat
Who work with no sleep
For the child
With no shoes on their feet
A generation who flash heat
Who role up on the banks
For their cash see
You're the criminal?
You got the nerve to ask me
Tear mics till my voice get raspy
Faced flame for five centuries
And if la were Baghdad we'd be Iraqi
With our straps in the backseat
Next to a general tied up
With shit in his khakis
Best leave my mic alone I'm full grown
And I'm off to the green zone

After dark my city's a fuse
After dark my city's a fuse
One day I say today we live as a lion

Blood soaked earth that you call home

I heard this cat got life in the pen
Crossing sand in the back of a truck bed
Twelve deep heard sirens and lights red
Was smacked on his dome with the club of
A white fed
No food no water no rights read
He came north to keep his seeds
And his wife fed
In the middle of the darkest night bled
Stepped to the law and said
You a minuteman wait a minute man
Talk like that might limit your life span

After dark my city's a fuse
One day I say today we live as a lion
And when our cubs grow
We'll show you what war is good for

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