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Obie Trice
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Obie Trice

Wanna Know lyrics

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Obie Trice – Wanna Know lyrics

Since they wanna know
Since they wanna know
I said since they wanna know
Here's the formula on O, now lets go
{All I want is what's mine I don't care who I hurt}
Since they wanna know
{All I want is what's mine I don't care who I hurt}
Since they wanna know
Second rounds on me
Obie Trice
Emil hit em, let's go

[1st verse]
Ob Trice, the giant, standing a 5'8'' stature
Back with a second album, supplying ya Fear Factor
But Joe ain't the host my nigga, you have the access to the most
Noted flow on Shady's faction
And I ain't being cocky, if so accept my apology
Except, know I process my thoughts logically
First weeks sales tops the toll from tsunami
But haters like the L, it's the white boy behind me
But you couldn't inhale a flow that's more grimey
It would still prevale if another label sign me
Obie so timely, must Obie remind em
The first nigga to shine solo from the place ya find em
Native Detroiter, ghetto reporter, hit you wit some
Heavy metal for supporting what ya caught us
A little something different from the homie from Michigan
Basically, Obie's ripping on any instrument he's given, come on

{All I want is what's mine I don't care who I hurt}
Since they wanna know
{All I want is what's mine I don't care who I hurt}
Since they wanna know
{End what's right and??}
Since they wanna know
{All I want is what's mine I don't care who I hurt}
Since they wanna know

[2nd verse]
Four niggas in a whip
All foes say they ain't fucking with Trice shit
Somebody's lying, I'm undenying, denying me means that
The driver got influence over you on certain things
Be destinguished, just 'cause you ain't feeling his favorite emcee
Don't mean you speak no English
Hop out the car, catch the bus
At least you be established as the man that you are
I hate to take it so far and so tedious
But niggas bleed like bitches, I'm truly believing this
Once a month, they wake up with a Obie tampon
Inserted in they nuts, give em the flux 'cause my bucks is up
And no this ain't ebay, so please be easy
Gotta be delusional to think Obie is losing yo
Let em get a whiff of some shit, they quick to abuse it though


[3rd verse]
Peep what O's selling when I hit em with Van Halen
But it's just a man from the ghetto rebelling
Rebel without a cause, cause I'm in them Superman drawers
Running around the shack momma had us living
Now ya mans living a inch from truly killing em
A dude or ambition, a gift, given from the man who invented em
When the system Scrooged just like Lil Tim and em
Will bless the child who manuevers the censors, then
Spitting venom, have them same dudes interested in him
My visions unlimited, music's my outlet, I rock a outfit
For all the foul shit I witnessed, make it my business
To get a listener of one, clear description
If you hearing them, you would catch what I'm pitching
Guarantee to serve your addiction, c-c-come on


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