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Nv Sicc – Suicide lyrics

Nv Sicc

I'm just a I'll individual, rhymin with metaphysical.. Lyrical miracles i'll leave ya folks just so hysterical.. Hopein you will fear my flow, plug me up and hear me go.. A suicidal flow that closes down the block and steals the show.. Posess a multi-purpose searin flow to hear me dope... They fear me wrote somthing so critical murder she wrote.. So perfectly composed it's clearly I'm raps antidote.. Was born to rock the mic just like Diddy was born to rock the vote.. And what I spoke will make you choke, and stop and jot the quote.. I write until my pen is broke and pad is up in smoke.. With all the fun I poke, it's not a joke, i'll leave you soaked.. With memories of nightmares of suicidal folks.. A dream crusha known to smash ya wish and hide ya hopes.. A rap proffessor hope you cracked ya pads to write ya notes.. A pen saigon not really tring to brag or boast.. But known to post a rap that get's too deep for shallow folks..
(chorus 2x)
Anotha Level

It's the incredible, mystery lifes epitomy.. A nother level is living amongst of history.. The penmanship suspense descents of men.. Experience selfcomplection and I'm intricate.. Solo witness, I impulse the pulp fiction.. Hope the seconds and the minutes hourly goals is distant.. Swift with anatomy tounge split perfect symmetry.. Temperature biologically lowered your minor allergies.. Feel it in the air each breath and tons of wrists.. Lungs submit longevity for P. You. N and B. I. G.. Notorious this is a warning I'm hot bruh.. Lines pop strait from the top i'll have you askin who shot ya.. Life immitates art, but life that lead thru art landed some on top of the charts.. And who decide certain rules applied?.. Hearin me ultimately lead to ya, to ya, to ya..
(Chorus 4x)
Nv Sicc

I have heiroglyphic tendencies, tons of puns silloquies... Kown to kill a beat leave you deceased if you not feelin me.. I'm who you would kill to be, nv's I'll immunity.. I'm your pusha with these words who's servin your community.. Soon to be a legend, never died so save your eulogies.. Impreganate the game, teach um my name before they puberty.. Labled what a few could be, doubt me if you foolish B.. Life is full of funny actors so you cats just humor me.. Consumed to be, a sinister minister preachin cruelty.. Come to find out gangsta's aint really what they assume to be.. Cute to me how youngins think a gun is what makes you a G.. Until the streets get real discreet and then they sweat profusively.. You should be, lucky I'm writing these lines so loosely.. Fornicate a beat that is sweet cause it's seducin me.. Rap preditor a violaters what I choose to be.. Accused to be a wanderer because you kats are losing me.

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