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Nightmares In Wax – Black Leather lyrics

I am what I am
And I like what I like
And I like it on the back of a motor bike

Black Leather

When I was born I refused to cry
And they thought I was dead but I refused to die
Now that I'm old enough to do what I like
I do big, heavy muscle boys on motorbikes
In black leather…

I like 'em big, tall, strong and twelve inches long
In black leather
I like 'em hefty or lean as a written cuisine
In Black Leather.

I like cold weather,
I like black leaather
I like warm weather
I need black leather.
Put me all together
Put me together, black leather

Now that I'm old enough to have what I like,
I have big, heavy muscle boys on motorbikes
In black leather.

C'mon, come here now and show me how
In Black leather
C'mon, and do it again and make me yelp with pain
In black leather.
Black leather black leather has me shaking all over going
Oh oh oh oh oh do it yeah~

(Hold Me sister midnight)
Oh, what can I do about these dreams?
(Help me sister midnight)
What can I do about these filthy, dirty, disgusting dreams
About big, heavy biker boys in leather jeans?!
Black leather…

Now that I'm old enough to ride what I like
I ride big, filthy muscle boys on motorbikes
Now that I'm old enough to ride what I like
I like a filthy, greasy cock on a motorbike
Black leather, black leather

Oh and That's the way
Uh huh and I like it, uh huh uh huh
That's the way I like it
In black leather

Now that I'm old enough to ride what I like
I certainly don't ride your motorbike I ride leather
(oh, you know what I wanna do)
You know that I don't know how to roll and rock,
But I sure know how to ride a good stiff cock

(Black leather)
(A sculpted cock)
(Black leather)
That boy's such a shock!

C'mon, let me down, then turn me 'round
Then climb between the covers and pump me up…
Sister midnight's got nothing on me
She can't ride but she won't catch me
Oh, you know just what I, I wanna do to you.
You know I just, just wanna do it for you
Oh won't you just be coming around
I don't act like this with all the other guys.
Let my head get between your thighs
C'mon let me make it down your better prize

Don't cut your eyes away
You know what I want….
OOH I feel love, I feel love…

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