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Nickelus F – Halfway Dead lyrics

I slow cruising on the sun sun
This for my fellows on the north side
And to the ladies in the east
And all my ladies on the west west side.
Tonight I’m gonna break till I’m halfway dead,
And I’ma smoke till I’m halfway dead,
Lord can you watch my...
’cause I don’t really wanna blow,
But I wanna party my life away.

Ya’ll, ya’ll we write heavy shit,
Your love... , I comfort in, let my mama home,
Scream major plat stop...
This ain’t the life that I could... Still I propose,
You look at the city that I come from,
They ask why so I could lift it all, so,
Dumping out thus, waste it all boy,
No destructions, moving no discussion
That nigga become up in school faces, we adjust them,
Fuck em, I roll em the blunt for 4, every meal serve nigga
... Hallelujah, this the real work,
And I get the amen drips out the amen,
Stripping I’m falling this rap, my... We’re baking,
I say you I’ma fashion up
Drinking this till ain’t fair,
Your eyes ain’t blind till you I’m no one to yout back
I’m so fly, I’m smooth out, and when I come through I
This week got long hair, move on.


They could bime, lick a shot, raise her arm, lick a shot,
I raise her arm and take her top,
I’m the main attraction, that nigga not,
Fuck that, I’m the man, by the boom, by the band
Is not a thing, I got that green then I’ma been,
I’m zonin out, I’m not relieved
But I’m not myself the slighest thing,
Smoking card sad I lean, I need to steal my mind esteem
The world is such a pretty place, I seem just what my mama mean
Until this ain’t your mainly, I see just what my papa mean,
I pop the bean, I need a bottle, what am... I’m out of lean
I’m just playin girl within, shit I’m not really try to see,
I’m just playin ride with these, and ya’ll them thriller tryin to blink,
I’m all to see, I’m all to see, and call this doctor again again

[2 x Hook:]

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