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Nick Jonas And The Administration
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Nick Jonas And The Administration – Rose Garden lyrics

She was brought into this world
Out of a beautiful mistake
When her mom was just a girl,
And her daddy didn't stay.

She was working at age nine
At the flower shop in town.
Working hard just to survive,
'Cause life was throwing her around.

In the rose garden,
Where the rain is fallin'
And the thorns are sharpin'
Rose garden, yeah.
Rose garden.

She was young but not naive...
Always wise beyond her years,
Hoping that no one would see
Every time she dried her tears.

In the rose garden,
Where the rain is falling.
And the thorns are sharpin'
Rose garden, yeah.

Don't let those petals fall...
Don't let them fall on you...
Don't let those petals fall.
Don't let them fall on you...
Yeah, yeah, yeah!


Rose garden,
Where the rain is falling.
And the thorns are sharpin'
Rose garden, yeah.
In the rose garden!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

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    I believe this song is about a girl who's having so much trouble in life. And maybe her mom was poor so, she had to work at the flower shop just to have some food on the table. She was living in this rose garden, where the thorns are sharpened (having so much trouble and she's always hurt) and where the rain is falling (where the weight of life is falling on her). She was mature and everytime she was hurt, she didn't cry so people can see how strong she is.
    -Very mature song for Nick :) I like it!
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  • u
    This is the first time I really pay attention to the lyrics of this song, and the way I see it, it's brilliant. It's a about a girl who was born because of an accident her mom made very young and the dad left them. So she started working since she was 9, the rose garden is figurative language for the world, it is beautiful but it has some thorns, some bad people who'll aways try to throw petals (give you problems) at you. It doesn't matter the conditions in which you live, never let nobody bring you down.
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  • u
    I think this song is about a girl born from a girl who was young and her father was never around, and she had to get a job to stay alive and she worked at a flower shop. I think that the rose garden was like the girl beautiful, had a lot of life but still has a part of her that marks(meaning the thorns). She was a smart wise girl because she was in the situation of everyone around her being not so great to her. And because of that she had to be tough and stay strong. And my guess is that if she wasn't then bad things would happen. So she had to cry all by herself. And when he say don't let the petals fall don't let them fall on you he means don't fall apart don't let the get to you. That's just what I got out of it.
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