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New Power Generation (N.P.G.) – Call The Law lyrics

Step, step 2 the mic, huh
Not yet
Step, step 2 the mic, huh

Step 2 the mic and taste the hype
It's manifested, this blessed gift, I had 2 bring it right
So let me dive right in
Where do I begin? Hmm, well, let me...

Call the law, we're gettin' busy y'all
Call the law, we're gettin' busy y'all
Call the law (call the dogs), we're gettin' busy y'all
Call the law, we're gettin' busy y'all

(Ho, ho, ho, ho!) (Alright) {repeat}

(Ooh) The law, they come around when everyone's having a ball
And by the way, that reminds me of a party y'all
North side Minnie, Twin Cities, mid-summer on the scene
And my people get busy fryin' up the bird (Get the chicken, baby)
Word, whoever heard of a party bein' ready
Without a money makin' pot of spaghetti (Ha ha ha)
Yeah, what you laughin' at?
I'm sellin' liquor plus some plates at $7 a crack
Huh, and that's profitable
And 4 a sucker like you, that's a mouthful
Hmph, you better call the law 'cause we gettin' extreme
Pick it up P

Call the law, we're gettin' busy y'all {x4}

(Ho, ho, ho, ho!) (Alright) {repeat}
(Man, I don't know what the hell y'all sellin')
(Fellas, yo, what you doin' now?) (What you doin' Tone?)
Boy, I ain't turning down nothing, this is my place
You know what I'm sayin'?

Back 2 the scene, the basement's packed
Buddy at the front door breakin' backs
That's security ensuring thee
The best possible time 4 you and me, yeah
The party's jumpin' (Ho, ho, ho)
Everybody's bumpin' 2 Rock Creek Park when (Ho, ho, ho)
Bo and his girl got silly (What'd she do?)
Jumped up on my chandelier and got busy, yeah
He had 2 snatch the ho (What?)
We got Geo in the background screamin', "Here we go, here we go!"
Yeah, the tempo's upbeat
Hollywood swingin' at the end of the bar
He began singin', "If I didn't care..."

Yeah, you better call the law
We're gettin' busy y'all

(Ho, ho, ho, ho, here we go, here we go!) (Alright) {repeat}
Yeah, that's alright
Give it 2 me, come on
Yeah, mm hmm, alright
Mmm hmm, yeah
Kick it P (you better call the law)
I'm outta here, yeah

Alright, alright
Call, call the law, alright

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