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Nekromantix – I'm A Shock Star lyrics

Fear has no gender
No color nor age
If you think I'm a pretender
I got news for you
And here they are

Either on the big screen
Or haunting your tv-set
I make grown men cry
I cause evil pain and dread
I'll scare you to death
Make you shiver with fright
I make women she'd tears
Afraid they can't sleep at night
All you ignorants out there
Who think I'm in this biz for cash
It barely pays my rent
So you can kiss my ass
Young or old
I touch their inner child
When I show my fangs
They go oh so wild

I'm a Shock Star
No matter what they say
I do what I like and I do it my way

I'm your worst nightmare
I make little kids scream
Every time they watch me
I corrupt another dream
Teens they think I'm killer
And I love to see them whine
When I appear as
Freddy vs Frankenstein
All you horror wanabees
Who claim the right
To have a shock
You'll be gone tomorrow
And nobody gives a fuck
Even with a hairy face
Acting like a goon
I get applause
While whaling at the moon

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