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NATHIFA – Mama Grenada lyrics

Mama Grenada, you have raised me
Mama Grenada, yes I'm proud of my country
But Mama Grenada, when I see you wrong
To tell you with love, by my navel string I am bound

From a little baby your independence I see
I was born to you a young revolutionary
But then as a toddler, still too young to understand
I witnessed you change, innocence she'd with blood that ran
But you were my mommy, my idol and my friend
Couldn't think to question all that was happening then

My childhood was pleasant, nurtured by your love
In every area we your children strove
My siblings and I, sometimes took you for granted
Fulfilling our dreams ignoring what you needed
Yet through it all you a good mother you remained
Just praying your children be one day less selfish again

My teenage years came; hormones acted up
I wanted nice things, so I borrowed and couldn't stop
But sooner than later, the effects began to show
You my vibrant mother hurt by my debts, now slow
But still I continued, ignoring your suffering
Didn't see the cancer, killing you slowly from within

So now as an adult, it is my turn to care
To try make up for my misdeeds of yester-year
We can fight the cancers, if your burdens we share
Yes they have spread from brain drain and sloth to unemployment
All is not loss if we foot the cost of aggressive treatment
Mama, you are just forty and your life is not over yet
So mama Grenada let's rally your children to give back and get your needs

Mama Grenada, please forgive me
Mama Grenada, my beautiful mommy
Mama Grenada, please depend on me
My siblings and I, we pledge to save our dear mommy

Mama Grenada, oh my momma
Mama Grenada, land of my forefathers
Mama Grenada, I have grandkids you need to see
So Mama have faith, we your children by your side will be

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